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  • Holland Potato
  • Holland Potato
  • Holland Potato
  • Holland Potato
Holland PotatoHolland PotatoHolland PotatoHolland Potato

Holland Potato

  • Size:50-100g,75-150g,100-200g,150-250g,250g up
  • Crop:2019
  • Package: Mesh bag and Carton
  • Supply Ability:500 tons/month
  • Product description:

1. Commodity name: Holland Potato

2. Feature:Bright yellow color, smooth shiny surface, yellow inside, no rotten insect.

3. Size:50g-100g,75g-150g, 150g-250g, 250g and up

4. Packing: Mesh Bag  and Carton
5. Supply period: All over the year

6. Transporting and storing temperature: +2’C


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