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  • Fresh Carrot
  • Fresh Carrot
  • Fresh Carrot
  • Fresh Carrot
Fresh CarrotFresh CarrotFresh CarrotFresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot

  • Size:S,M,L,2L,3L
  • Crop:2018
  • Package: Carton
  • Supply Ability:500 tons/month
  • Product description:

1. Commodity name: Fresh Carrot

2.Feature: washed and polished intact, firm, good uniformity without cracks or violet top and no roots

3. Size:

70g - 150g/pc(S),150g - 200g/pc(M),200g - 250g/pc(L),250g - 300g/pc(2L),

300g up/pc(3L)

4. Packing:

inner packing: PE preservative bag

outer packing: carton

5. Supply period: All over the year

6. Transporting and storing temperature: 0'C-1'C

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